NaapTV Charakter 1

That`s NAAPI

He would like to watch his homeland channels,
but has no possibility to.

There are no satellite dishes allowed in rental apartments and houses.

Naapi lives in a rental house and is not allowed to put up a satellite dish.

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NaapTV Charakter 3

But even in condos and houses the reception may be disturbed.

For example through buildings and trees, the reception can be really bad.

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In the German kabel network, there are only 2-3 channels from his home country.

Naapi wants to receive all the channels from his home country in Germany.

NaapTV has the solution!

– no satellite dish needed
– no kabel network needed

All Naapi needs is internet access.

Naapi can now watch all his home country channels on TV, Smartphone, Tablet and Pc, thanks to NaapTV.

NaapTV Charakter 2

The connection is easy!

Connect the receiver to the TV and the router.

NaapTV Figure

NaapTV offers!

– more than 200 homeland channels – see selection here
NaapTV current Channels
– over 500 videos on demand
– app for iOS and Android

You want to watch your homeland channels, just like Naapi?

Then order your NaapTV right now or call us.

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Order now!

or call

phone : 040 605 336 640

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